The mission of the IAAE is to increase awareness, recognition and support of policies, practices, and partnerships that ensure and advance quality arts education for all lowans.

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What does the Alliance do?

• Provide a UNIFIED message with strength in numbers, acting as one state arts education advocacy association. This includes continual contact and coordinated leadership with all of the major arts education associations, the Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa Arts Council, the Iowa Association of School Boards, the School Administrators of Iowa and AEA consultants responsible for arts support in our schools, who operate as collaborative and advisory organizations for IAAE.
• Provide a strong voice for arts inclusion education for the whole child in those discussions, in which proposed education changes take place, affecting arts education on state and national levels. This includes assistance in proactive and reactive advocacy to maintain quality arts programs.

• Provide and administer a Mentor Program for beginning arts teachers funded in part from the Iowa Legislature.
• Provide arts education information and professional development resources in areas current to member needs.
• Provide assistance in proactive and reactive advocacy to maintain quality arts programs.

In addition, we have an active, working board including members from arts education and other community arts education supporters.
Our Executive Director represents all members at various conferences, collaborations, partnerships and communications to advance our mission at a state and national level.

The Iowa Alliance for Arts Education is the umbrella advocacy organization for these statewide fine arts education organizations.