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New Program Offerings

The Iowa Alliance for Arts Education “Model of Excellence” Mentoring Program continues to expand its offerings and impact. Most recently, the program now offers four full-day in-person visits, unlimited virtual mentor visits, and a $250 scholarship for professional conference attendance and payment of professional organization dues.


  • IAAE will cover the cost of subscription fees/purchase price for digital content used for either in-person, hybrid, or virtual instruction. This content can be used for improvement of the beginning teacher’s teaching skills or classroom instruction.
  • IAAE will compensate school districts for the cost of virtual master classes on fine arts instruction. The presenters of the master class will be compensated at a rate of $100 per presentation/clinic. Since the funds for this program are appropriated by the Iowa legislature, we are asking that the master class presenters are Iowa residents.
  • As school districts are beginning to allow outside visitors, the mentor grant will also cover the costs of in-person master classes, presentations and clinics compensated at a rate of $100 per presentation/clinic. 

It is important to note that all reimbursement payments must be sent to school districts, not individual teachers. Click on the appropriate link to find the reimbursement form.

Any questions may be directed to IAAE Mentor Program Co-Administrators: Leon Kuehner ( or Cassidy Noring (