The National Federation of High School Associations recently published the third report and recommendations of The International Performing Arts Aerosol Study.


This study reinforces the finding that masks should be worn at all times, and multi-layered fabric covers should be used on all wind instruments. Additionally, the study outlines key general procedures to keep students and staff safe during rehearsal.

Here are five principal takeaways from the report:

Masks – Masks must be worn at all times. Multi-layered bell covers must be used by all wind instruments.

Distance – CDC guidelines for social distancing of 6×6 feet, with 9×6 feet for trombone players. Social distancing should be followed indoors and outdoors.

Time – Indoor rehearsals limited to 30 minutes followed by a minimum of one air exchange rate (ACH), preferably 3 ACH, to change the air indoors with outside air.

Air Flow – Increase ACH to HVAC maximum, add HEPA Filtration designed for the size of the room.

Hygiene – Practice good hygiene by washing hands, using sanitizers, and preventing uncontrolled spit valve release.