Professional development is essential for fine arts educators in Iowa. The IAAE’s Model of Excellence Mentor Program focuses on developing new teachers, and we have also assisted the State of Iowa in developing online materials about Fine Arts Standards. Our most exciting professional development experience is the bi-annual Fine Arts Summit hosted along with the Iowa Arts Council.

Visit our YouTube page to access our Professional Development Videos.

Selected Iowa Fine Arts Education Summit 2023 Sessions can be viewed here:

Iowa Fine Arts Education Summit 2023 – YouTube

The Iowa Department of Education partnered with the AEA Learning Online to offer five free online professional learning modules around Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards. Designed to be flexible to district and educator needs, they can be taken individually or bundled together for one license renewal credit. The modules are:

      1. Introducing Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards
      2. Understanding Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards
      3. Applying and Connecting Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards
      4. Assessing Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards
      5. Resources for Implementing Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards

Online Professional Development Modules can be found here: