Mentor Program

The Model of Excellence Mentor Program has been in existence for over 10 years. This program that focuses on mentorship for beginning arts teachers is administrated through the Iowa Alliance for Arts Education, and funded by the Iowa legislature and matching grants.

The components of the beginning arts teacher mentoring program include: identification of beginning teachers, assignment of “active” and “observation” mentors (area specific), development of a communications network to assist the mentoring process, a webinar series, and the awarding of scholarships to attend professional conferences.

The Iowa Model of Excellence Mentor Program is designed to enhance, not supplant the established local/district/AEA/State mentoring programs. The mentoring program is discipline-specific. The information that is made available to the beginning teacher through this program ranges from “survival” to “mastery” skills needed to be successful in the arts classroom.  The information is tailored specifically to the individual teacher and teaching situation, and also provides for networking with other beginning and veteran teachers throughout the state.

Please find the contact information for all arts mentor chairs below. Each individual organization is ready to help your beginning arts teacher. By working together, we can make a difference!


Interested in becoming a mentor? Let’s get connected!

Observation Mentor Registration

Are you a first-year teacher?

Contact a Mentor Chair for your Arts area:

Art Educators of Iowa
First-year art teacher contact person: Molly Ray, mentor chair
Iowa Bandmasters Association
First-year band teacher contact person: James L. Fritz, mentor coordinator
Iowa Choral Directors Association
First-year vocal teacher contact person: Jennifer McClennahan, mentor chair
Iowa Educational Theatre Association
First-year speech/drama teacher contact person: Helen Duranleau-Brennan
Iowa Music Educators Association
First-year general/classroom music teacher contact person:
Kevin Droe, president
Iowa String Teachers Association
First-year string/orchestra teacher contact person: Andrew Geyssen, mentor chair
For overall questions about the program please contact:
Iowa Alliance for Arts Education
Leon Kuehner, mentor co-chair
Elizabeth Fritz, mentor co-chair