On January 20th, 2021, let’s work together to reach out to our legislators and advocate for arts education in Iowa. Use this page, video, and supporting documents to guide your work. Thank you so much for your support for arts education!

2021 IAAE Arts Advocacy Day Initiatives

Inform legislators on the importance of arts education and how the arts prepare  students for success in school, in the workplace and in life.  

Request continued support of the Fine Arts Teacher Mentoring Program

  1. Inform legislators of the addition of virtual mentor visits, webinars, and virtual  master classes to support beginning teachers during the COVID-19 epidemic.  

Inform legislators on the benefits of STEAM education for Iowa students

  1. Provide updates on the work of the STEM to STEAM working committee. This  group has been meeting the past year and is hoping to create a permanent  “Creativity and Innovation Task Force” as part of the Iowa STEM Council.
  2. The purpose of this group will be to expand the STEM initiative to a  transdisciplinary approach that emphasizes creativity and innovation in order to  reach broader audiences and improve overall student achievement.
  3. Iowa has the potential to be a leader in this approach to education by combining  science, technology, engineering, math, with the arts and humanities.
  4. This task force will serve as facilitator of transdisciplinary/STEAM education in  Iowa. IAAE will serve as an advocate for future funding for professional  development for Iowa teachers and pilot programs in Iowa schools.  

Express support of the Iowa Arts Education Data Project

  1. This program is being funded by the Iowa Department of Education and will  display enrollment data by Fine Arts discipline: dance, theater, music, visual arts  and media arts.  
  2. This data will show enrollment by fine arts discipline, grade level, gender,  ethnicity, and socio-economic status.  
  3. Stakeholders can use the data to determine areas of strength as well as areas of  need.  
  4. By providing a variety of demographic data (state, AEA region, district or  school), the project will provide compelling insights of fine arts education access  and promote equitable opportunities across Iowa schools. 

IAAE Advocacy Day Supporting Documents

  • “Model of Excellence” Mentoring Program Update
  • Arts Education is Essential Statement
  • Be In The Know Flyer
  • STEAM Flyer