Past Winners of IAAE Awards

Arts Administrator of the Year

2009 Roger Wilcox
2008 Shirley Neugebauer-Luebke, Sioux City
2007 Melissa Gilbert, Cedar Rapids
2006 Robert Hoyt, Marion
2004 Phyllis Staplin, West Des Moines
2003 Michael O'Leary, Iowa City
2002 Tim Peterson, Charter Oak-Ute
2001 Arthur Roling, Dubuque
2000 Robert Brooks, West Des Moines
1999 Michael Krumm, Ballard
1998 Bill Cornelius, Ottumwa
1997 Paul Davis, Iowa City
1996 Dewitt Jones, Norwalk
1995 Richard Doyle, Marshalltown
1994 Michael Krumm, Jesup
1993 Dale Grabinski, West Des Moines
1992 Gary Currie, Carroll
1991 Glenn Connor, Ames

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Recent Award Winners

IAAE is proud to recognize supporters of arts education in these programs.

2009 Arts Administrator of the Year

Roger Wilcox

From the left to the right: Theron Schutte, President, School Administrators of Iowa; IAAE Director Diane Franken; Roger Wilcox, award-winner and principal at Irving/West Cedar Elementary of Waverly-Shell Rock Schools; Kevin Fangman, Acting Director, Iowa Department of Education and Dan Smith, Executive Director, School Administrators of Iowa. Jere Vyverberg, Waverly Superintendent, who nominated Roger, also attended but was not in this photo.


Roger Wilcox

Iowa Association of School Boards and Iowa Alliance for Arts Education
As an administrator at Waverly-Shell Rock Schools for 18 years, Roger Wilcox 'walks the walk' when it comes to demonstrating support for the arts, both inside and outside his school and in his community. Inside his school, 80 to 90% of his elementary students participate in their annual school musicals. Because of his efforts a sixth grade jazz band, solo recital contests, middle school large group performances have taken place at the NE Iowa Bandmaster Association festivals. Music programs have performed twice at the National Orff Symposium.

Fifth and sixth grade general music went from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Additionally, Roger supports the arts with his building budget and specific arts education fund-raising events. Performances and practices with students in his buildings occur, generally modeling participation in all of the arts for students. Roger keeps valuable data regarding students achievement aligned with arts participation and clearly supports the education of the whole child.

Outside of school, after the 2008 flood, when plans had to be drawn to renovate their mall, Roger made certain that adequate facilities existed for arts education. He organized and participated in grant writing to replace damaged instruments. He organized a community benefit concert to support the arts financially to assist in disaster recovery and supported fund raising for a new district auditorium.
Jere Vyverberg, Roger's superintendent, said it best in his nomination comments: "In my 39 years in education, I have never witnessed a more dedicated nor sincere patron and active supporter of the arts. That support is demonstrate to staff, parents, and students in an excellent fashion. I know of no more deserving of this honor. He has a passion for the arts and demonstrates that passion daily."

Roger's comments: “It truly is an honor to be receiving this award. We have so many talented people working in our school system. Teachers come to me with an idea, and I’m more than willing to give it a shot if they are. Students are capable of so much more if we challenge them. Our 5th and 6th grade students have been invited several times to perform at the National Orff Convention. When the convention was held in Omaha, we had to fund raise so we could go on that trip. Later on, the convention was in Milwaukee, so we had to fund raise again. Each time the students received standing ovations from instructors across the county.

After one convention, someone came up to our music teacher and asked if we were a magnet school for the performing arts…. ‘No, these are just are regular kids that would attend our school’. Art, music, band, orchestra-it’s all important. I am so blessed to be working in a district that supports academics, athletics, AND the arts.”



2010 Iowa School Board Arts Education Awards:

Cedar Rapids, Nodaway Valley school boards recognized for commitment to arts education

(Nov. 23, 2010) – Exceptional support of the arts by two Iowa school boards has won them the 2010-11 Arts Education Award from the Iowa Association of School Boards and the Iowa Alliance for Arts Education.

Each year, school districts in two enrollment categories are eligible for the award: those with fewer than 1,000 K-12 students and those with more than 1,000 students. One district is chosen to go on to a national awards program and vie for a $10,000 award from the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education and the National School Boards Association. The Cedar Rapids School Board was selected by an awards panel to move on to the national competition this year. The winner will be announced in the spring. The Nodaway Valley School Board was recognized on a statewide level for districts with fewer than 1,000 students.

“These school boards have made a strong commitment to high-quality arts education, even during tough budget times, and that is to be commended,” said Veronica Stalker, interim executive director of IASB. “They have been creative and have built partnerships with their communities to help keep their programs vibrant and strong. Exposure to the arts helps students to be well-rounded individuals who can appreciate the cultural differences that surround us.”

"This award from IASB and the IAAE represents excellence in recognizing a district that has realized and put into practice their philosophy that arts education is integral as a core subject for educating the total child,” said Diane Franken, executive director of IAAE. “In preparing Iowa's students for the global workplace and giving them the edge for competition for any career, the skills of creativity and innovation, along with the ability to analyze and apply information, make quality arts education programs essential for all. We are pleased to recognize these two districts as model districts the rest of the state can look to in evaluating their own programs."

Cedar Rapids School Board





Cedar Rapids: row one, from left: Nancy Humbles, board president John Laverty, board vp Mary Meisterling. Row two, from left: Ann Rosenthal, Keith Westercamp, Melissa Kiliper-Ernst, Gary Anhalt

The Cedar Rapids school board was selected for its exceptional support of arts education. Despite immense challenges wrought by the recent floods and budget cuts, the district’s commitment to and passion for the arts remains strong. District staff ensure that all students are included in arts education. The board has set clear standards and assessments to ensure art students are truly learning. Extensive partnerships with community service and arts organizations provide valuable enrichment experiences for students, and the district’s commitment to the preservation of its extensive art collection is admirable.

The Cedar Rapids district is led by Superintendent Dr. David Benson and board members John Laverty-president, Mary Meisterling-vp, Keith Westercamp, Ann Rosenthal, Melissa Kiliper-Ernst, Nancy Humbles and Gary Anhalt.

Nodaway School Board



Nodaway Valley: Row one, from left: Ron Baudler, Roger Jensen, Jane Ernst, Board VP. Row two, from left: Supt. Casey Berlau, Board Pres. Clint Hight, Susie Olesen

The Nodaway Valley school board was selected for the support and involvement that the entire school district and community give to the arts education programs. Partnerships with the local cultural center, field trips to museums, the pursuit of grants and participation in international exhibitions showed a high level of dedication from the staff members, administration and school board.

The Nodaway Valley board team includes Clint Hight-president, Jane Ernst-vp, Ron Baudler, Roger Jensen and Susie Olesen, with Casey Berlau as superintendent.

The school boards will be recognized by both IASB and IAAE with a plaque and presentation at a later date.