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IAAE Contributors/MembersAll-State Chorus

To advance quality arts education, IAAE provides:

  1. a UNIFIED message and strength in numbers in one umbrella arts education association.
  2. continual contact and coordinated leadership with all of the major arts associations, the Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa Arts Council, the Iowa Association of School Boards, the School Administrators of Iowa and AEA consultants responsible for arts support in our schools who all operate as member or advisory committee organizations to IAAE.
  3. a strong voice for arts inclusion education for the whole child in those discussions in which proposed education changes take place.
  4. on-going communications and advocacy with state and federal congressional and legislative members.
  5. costumea mentor program for music and visual arts teachers through a grant from the Department of Education with plans to increase this program to other arts disciplines.
  6. research to develop programs with connections between the arts and reading.
  7. professional development in such areas as advocacy, standards and benchmarks, arts assessment, arts integration, etc.
  8. assistance in advocacy to maintain threatened arts programs.
  9. an active, working board who represent various arts disciplines.
  10. an executive director who represents all contributors at various conferences, collaborations, partnerships and communications to advance the cause.
  11. a regularly updated website with useful advocacy and professional support information.
  12. a monthly eNewsletter with updated information about opportunities, accomplishments, and activities in the state of Iowa and the Nation.Student Views Art

IN SHORT, The Iowa Alliance for Arts Education strives to increase awareness, recognition and support of policies, practices, and partnerships that ensure and advance quality sequential arts education for all Iowa students.

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