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Frequently Asked Questions

In the effort to provide you with information about this organization, we have compiled a list of questions and their answers.

When IAAE was founded in the 1980's, it was a group of very diverse arts educators who did the ground work. They recognized that the sum of all of the parts was greater than the individuals in the group. They did not want to replace the professional organizations that arts educators already had. They wanted to suppliment what those groups did.

Today members of the arts education organizations are represented on the Advisory Council and they participate with financial support. Read a History of IAAE...

Check out the Arts Education Partnership's database...

Executive Chair David Law and several of the other Executive Board and Advisory Council are available to meet with contributors to IAAE about your advocacy plan. However, they cannot represent you at a school board meeting or meeting with your administration.

Aristotle said it best: The quote translates from the greeks as "The complete is more than the sum of its pieces." of which a variant is "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. "

As professionals, we know that our associations are stronger than any one of us. We need your individual support and financial backing, as well as that of the professional sponsoring organizations to have a strong voice in the state of Iowa.

The Executive Board invites volunteers from across the state to be involved in the planning and execution of IAAE programs and projects. As with any non-profit board of directors, the goal is to find willing volunteers with community organization, arts education ties, and a passion for the support of arts education in the state of Iowa.

The Advisory Council consists of representatives from each of the sponsoring organizations.

Both groups meet regularly; the Executive Board meets quarterly and the Advisory Council meets twice yearly to provide guidance to the Executive Board.