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The Iowa Alliance for Arts Education supports and advances quality arts education programs.

Our mission is to increase awareness, recognition and support of policies, practices, and partnerships that ensure quality sequential arts education programs.

Governor signs Senate File #2323
On Friday, May 27, Governor Branstad signed Senate File #2323 which includes a line item of $25,000 (to be matched by IAAE) to help fund the Iowa Alliance for Arts Education “Model of Excellence” mentoring program for beginning fine arts teachers in Iowa. This is a big win for arts education in our state! This line item was the only new addition to the education appropriation bill this legislative session. This program had previously been funded by a grant to IAAE from the Teacher Quality Partnership grant from the federal government. This grant funding expired in April of 2015. The passage of this funding legislation was the primary legislative “ask” of IAAE at the Arts Advocacy Day on January 27, 2016. At the Arts Advocacy Day, over 100 people participated either as performers or advocates and contacted all 150 Iowa legislators informing them of the mentorship program. Presentations on the mentorship program were also given on that day to the House and Senate Education Committees. Meetings with key legislators were held in February, March and April with Larry Murphy (IAAE lobbyist) and Leon Kuehner (IAAE Executive Director). Personal contacts were made to keep the legislation alive and shore up support for the passage of the bill. IAAE will be beginning a fundraising campaign in the near future to match the financial support approved by the legislation. IAAE Presentation Iowa Core/State Standards to the State Board of Education On May 12, IAAE did a presentation to the State Board of Education on the addition of Fine Arts to Iowa Core and the adoption of state standards for Fine Arts education in the state of Iowa. The presentation was coordinated by IAAE Executive Director, Leon Kuehner and included comments from the chairs of the writing teams for the Iowa Core Fine Arts Companion Documents. These chairs included: Gretta Berghammer (drama), Maggie Parks (visual arts), Liz Fritz (instrumental music), Roger Henderson (vocal music) and Linda Murphy (general music). The State Board of Education was very impressed with the information that was presented and has added the topics of Iowa Core/Fine Arts and adoption of state standards for the arts to the June retreat agenda.